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Return to Joy

Return to Joy home
There is a prevailing idea that busyness is what bringsĀ meaning to life. Often we don’t even realize that this perception is running and ruining our lives. The empty busyness which we tend to chase after is a producer of indifference and dissatisfaction rather than the joy and fulfillment we desire.

Breaching the Bubble

It seems there is far less opportunity for respectful discussion these days. To attempt such a thing with the wrong person could bring forth a response akin to either a rabid dog or a turtle retreating into its shell. Both of these responses seek to create the same bubble of safety that would prevent an opposing idea from touching the delicate ears of the potential listener.

The Loyal Minority

against the flow
As a general rule, it is understood that the minority is often highly disadvantaged when it comes to cultural influence. Yet it must be remembered that the standard rules for the minority do not apply in the same way to Christianity. Basically, when God is involved, all bets are off.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ignorance

If the Christian community now decided to defy basic science and reason, demanding the revival of flat earth and geocentric teachings in school, they would be ridiculed and silenced. Yet as many Christians presently adhere to what should be regarded as basic scientific fact, they are ridiculed just the same.


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